The story had began in the year of 2004, when my son, Ádám, asked us to get his own puppy.
The Cavalier King Charles spaniel was love at first sight. We have choosen Winnie not with a professional eye, but our decesion has been confirmed really good. After some months Becky has arrived to our family. So the founders of our kennel are MCh.Premier Walkin’ on the Moon „Winnie” and Ch.Premier Black Venetia „Becky”, who are coming from the  first hungarian CKCS kennel, „Premier” kennel, which is owned by Csilla Ambrus.


From the begining we have definite conception in breeding. Our aim is breeding homogeneous puppies with nice headtype, good body, well-balanced nervous system, vigorous movement.
With our litters we succeeded this aims, and our conceptions. By choosing the dog for our girls the most important is the homogeneity. It means same size, same headtype, and same body. We choose the dogs to our girls from well-known english bloodlines.
In our job we take care a lot making tests about the inheritable diseases, just like MVD, PRA, or Patella Luxatio. We are breeding just with that dogs, who got negative results about these diseases.

Under the several years we have made friends some special breeders, and owners all over in Europe and also in Hungary. We want to imporve the quality of hungarian cavaliers with these friends, owners, and breeders.
Our kennel is a small, and comparatively young kennel with an aim to breed healthy, beautiful puppies without any inheritable diseases. Our motto is: „THE QUALITY IS ABOVE ALL!”
We take part on several national and international shows in every year. Our founder dog, Premier Walkin’ on the Moon fulfiled our expectations, and he was the best cavalier dog in the year 2005 and 2006 in Hungary.  He is already Multichampion, and has 9 champion title. His daughter, Royal Gigolo’s Ambiente „Binnie” has got Exc.2, R.CAC title on the Eurodogshow in 2008 in Budapest, and with this result she was the best hungarian breed, and owned cavalier. Futhermore she got the best cavalier bitch title in the year, and also the title Champion of champions. She finished the Interchampion, and Multichampion title in 2011. Royal Gigolo’s Beauty Queen „Queenie” was really young, when she got the HJCH title. On the first hungarian Speciality show from ÁTK she achived Speciality Junior Winner title under english judge at the age of 10 months. In the year 2010 she also achieved the best cavalier bitch title at TKOK organisation.



Dogs from our kennel, who are living all over the world  by their new owners, are really successful on shows too.
Royal Gigolo’s Bohemian Rhapsody „Sody” fulfiled the conditions of the Interchampion at the age of 2 and a half year. Futhermore he owns the title „Champion of Romania” and „Champion of Serbia”. In the year of 2010 Sody was the most successful companion dog in Békéscsaba.
Royal Gigolo’s C’est la vie „Vicky” just the age of 1 and a half year has the title „Junior Champion of Russia”, „Champion of Russia”, and „Champion of Ukraine”. She already won Puppy BIS title in Novorossiysk at the age of 7 months.
Royal Gigolo’s Close to Heaven „Cleo” won Baby BIS at the cavalier Clubshow in Slovakia under the judge, Andreas Schemel. In this year he has several claswinner title.
Royal Gigolo’s Celebration Time „Sally” in 2010 won also Best Baby bitch title at the cavalier Clubshow in Slovakia. Moreover in Kutná Horá the best bitch title at the age of 10 months under Anette Jones (Timsar kennel).
Hereby we want to thank you for all owners of the Royal Gigolo’s puppies, that they provide them a wonderful life, and love them a lot.